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Wire Harness and filter Manufacturing

​Our service for production of wire harnesses and filters is aimed at small quantities of up to a few thousand pieces, but we have the possibility to make larger batches as well. Modern production and precise design allow us to manufacture Tailor-made wire harnesses that meet the specific technical and spatial requirements of our customers. We are also specialized in production of filters that provide reliable protection against electromagnetic interference and other signal noise.

Wire Harnes Design

​Our approach to harness manufacturing begins with with detailed understanding of customer's needs, enabling an optimal design for each application. Depending on the complexity, the production technology is determined (manual or semi-automatic production). We guarantee that all wiring harnesses are manufactured with precision to ensure long-term reliability.

​Filters to prevent EMS interference

Filters are circuits that have a frequency-dependent transfer characteristic. We use them to separate the desired signals from the unwanted ones. Filters can be used to separate signals of different frequencies. They pass signals of some frequencies and suppress others. Filter attenuation is the ratio of input to output voltage. With the filter, we ensure the compliance of the device with the required standards.

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