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Mount speed makes the
difference in SMT

We use SMT (Surface Mount Technology) technology. It is a technology used in assembly process of printed circuits. SMT components such as resistors, capacitors and integrated circuits are directly mounted on the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) and soldered. This method of placement is the opposite of the traditional THT (through hole) technology, where components are inserted through holes on the PCB and soldered to it. SMT enables better component density, smaller circuit size, better electrical properties, and greater efficiency and automation of production.

Technology which takes you over


In our production, we have 3 lines from the manufacturer Europlacer, which also includes Heller convection ovens. We are excited to install the super fast Fuji NXTR line in mid-2024, which we will be proud of. On our modern SMT lines, we handle components from 01005 to precision BGAs supported by 3D SPI paste inspection devices. However, we are introducing AOI from Delvitech, which will significantly reduce the false alarm rate.

Quality Asssurance ensured with automation


Limitations for SMD component placement:

  • Prints up to size: 420mm x 340mm
    (min. print size: 16mm x 7.7mm)

  • Component size: from 01005 to 55mm x 55mm

  • Mounting BGA components (min 0.35mm pitch)

  • Accuracy of placement: 22um

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

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