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Joining our team means that you will be part of an environment that values the individual's knowledge and experience, and is ready to provide the conditions for further growth of the individual in the company. You will participate in the production of innovative products or projects that define the present and shape the future of all types of devices and means of today. What's more, sometimes we collaborate and shape the unknown...


​Our company offers a unique opportunity to work with a variety of technologies and manufacturing processes, including SMT, THT and laser. This exposure to a wide range of diverse approaches in the electronics industry provides a rich and varied experience that enhances your technical versatility and expertise.


​We are committed to innovation and a method of continuous improvement in all areas of operation. This environment instills in you the desire to constantly learn and seek new solutions, making your career path exciting and inspiring. Working with us means cooperation with experts and technologists in various fields of the electrical industry.


​The electrical industry is rapidly developing and introducing digital changes. Ever shorter innovation cycles require flexible systems that are up and running quickly. As part of our team, you are at the forefront of this growth, with many opportunities for career advancement.


Why should you work with us?


​What do our employees think?

I have the opportunity to grow in the company, both personally and professionally, while the management recognizes and encourages my potential. We establish a confidential relationship with the SMD team and work together to achieve the set goals. It is important to me that my ideas, suggestions for improvements and solutions are valued and taken into account, which is why I have been with the company since I was a student.

​Tadej, Technologist at the SMD department

I am glad that I can be part of a company that always rewards employees for their successfully completed work and motivates them for the future. Since I have been in the company, I have learned a lot, progressed and met a lot of good people. A growing individual is changing, and at the same time building better relationships in the workplace. To summarize, employee and company growth depends on relationships.

​Lea, Controller in the cabling department

I am very happy to work in the company, as we have advanced technology and an emphasis on product quality. The business environment encourages personal growth, and at the same time we have the opportunity to participate in new, innovative projects. The community of co-workers is positive, which adds to mine job satisfaction.

​Anže, Technologist at the THT department
Image by Vishnu Mohanan

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