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The experience of our experts
and developers counts


​At MI Elektronika, we are aware that development is the driver of progress and that without it we are just one of the manufacturers of electronic circuits, so we decided to invest in development. With this step, we can now provide maximum support to our customers.

In the research and development (R&D) part of the company, we strive for advanced thinking and the introduction of novelties in the field of electronics or electrical engineering. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that satisfy even the most demanding customers. With rich knowledge acquired through years of experience and close cooperation with leading educational and research institutions, our team can independently develop a product for the end customer,, client. In this way, we free up human resources (capacity) on the client's side, which is in high demand these days.

Cooperation with partners


​With a strong partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and other institutions, our R&D department builds bridges between academic knowledge and industrial needs. This collaboration enables the introduction of the latest research and technological achievements directly into our production processes, which contributes to the development of superior and innovative products.

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