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Conformal coating ensures the durability of printed circuits

The coating of printed circuits is crucial for providing an extra protection layer over the SMD and THT components and the circuit itself. By using high-quality varnishes containing UV pigment, we take care of protection against moisture, chemicals and mechanical damage. This process not only extends the life of our products, but increases durability in demanding climatic conditions, which is especially important in specific industries.

Coatings are used to protect and insulate assembled pcbs


​With the AXXON Mycronic cell, we paint circuits selectively and efficiently. We guarantee high accuracy of applying the coating, which is evenly spread over the entire surface of the electronic circuit. The cell is directly connected to the line oven, which ensures immediate and efficient drying of the varnish. This ensures optimal adhesion and long-lasting protection. We use Peters coatings.

​Protection against extreme conditions


​We take into account any wish for protective coating of printed circuit, which is also related to operating conditions or the atmosphere in which it operates. For protection we use ELPEGUARD thin film coating with viscosity for machine application.


MI Elektronika produces assembled printed circuit boards for even demanding climatic conditions, such as extreme heat and an aggressive environment (salt water).

Coating is carried out out selectively, which means that we avoid certain areas/components that should not be coated due to their function or properties.

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