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The owner has a clear vision


Mertik Ignac


Rastoder Sonja

Sales director

Matjaž Kolovič

Business Development and Goods Supply

Technical Director

Aljoša Kraševec

Operations and technological Innovations

HR Director

Tina Ivančič

Responsible for HR and data support

The management defines the guidelines

​Our management team combines rich experience, expertise and vision that are key to guiding the company into the future. Since its members come from different backgrounds, fields, each member of the team has their own view on open things that present challenges, but in the end, they make decisions as a team and accept conclusions that are best for the company. This indicates the fact that the interests of the company always come first and that every individual in the company, regardless of function and position, submits to them.

But our management is not only focused on business growth and the creation of new products, but places great emphasis on company culture, personnel development and good practices at home and abroad. He is aware that the growth of all available human resources is necessary to keep up with changed geostrategic positions and increasingly demanding trends, which you can also define with your creativity, cooperation and constant efforts for improvement. Only in this way can the company survive and grow in the future.

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

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The owner has a clear vision

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